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Why Cassandra

01 NoSQL database

  • Distributed database
  • Highly available
  • Fault tolerant
  • Suitable for timeseries data
  • It's masterless - easy to add or remove nodes

02 Perfect choice for

  • Web analytics - to store click streams
  • IoT - to store measurements as time series
  • Fraud detection
  • Personalization

03 Anti-patterns

  • early prototyping
  • referential integrity
  • dynamic access patterns
  • queue like design

04 Pro Tips

  • Don't use Cassandra if you want to have flexible, dynamic queries
  • Use ElasticSearch and Solr bundled with Cassandra if your data needs to be searched in many ways


01 Firefighting / Rescue Mission

  • Unstable performance
  • Unavailable data
  • Something went wrong
  • Urgent help needed

02 Performance tuning and Monitoring

  • Production readiness
  • Tuning configuration
  • Monitoring configuration
  • Sizing exercise

03 New to Cassandra

  • Data modeling
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure

04 Managed Service

  • 24/7 support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading and tuning


01 Discovery Call

Tell us about the issues we need to resolve with a high-level description of your business case and environment setup. We will scheduled call with one of our consultants.

02 SmartCat Services Proposal

We send you a document describing the plan of action - who, what, when, how of your problem solution. You can expect proposal in goal/input/output/result format which will clarify our deliverables.

03 Review and plan the best timing

Take your time to review our proposed plan internally and discuss the best timing to engage. We are on stand-by for any questions.

04 Takin' care of business

Either at your office or remotely from our offices, we review the existing documentation, analyze your setup, ask additional questions and ultimately produce a deliverable.

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Our Open Source

Cassandra Migration Tool

Cassandra Migration Tool

Cassandra migration tool for java is a lightweight tool used to execute schema and data migration on Cassandra database. Schema versioning state is saved in schema_version table which stores name and description of migration along with type and timestamp.

Cassandra Diagnostics

Cassandra Diagnostics

Cassandra Diagnostics - Monitoring and audit power kit for Apache Cassandra. Cassandra Diagnostics is a swiss-army knife when it comes to Cassandra monitoring. It allows you to connect to both Cassandra nodes and Cassandra application (driver) in a non intrusive way, to extract precious metric data without compromising target system performance , shape it and send over towards a rich set of targets for further processing.

Cassandra Kinesis Connector

Cassandra Kinesis Connector

Cassandra connector for AWS Kinesis that allows Kinesis records to be stored into Cassandra.

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