Discovery Call

Tell us about the issues we need to resolve with a high-level description of your business case and environment setup. In a scheduled call with one of our consultants we meet each other, go over the problem and assign the right expert to your project.

SmartCat Services Proposal

We send you a document describing the plan of action - who, what, when, how of your problem solution. You can expect proposal in goal/input/output/result format which will clarify our deliverables.

Review and plan the best timing

Take your time to review our proposed plan internally and discuss the best timing to engage. We are on stand-by for any questions.

Takin' care of business

Either at your office or remotely from our offices, we review the existing documentation, analyze your setup, ask additional questions and ultimately produce a deliverable (a review document with actionable resolution steps or necessary code changes - depending on type of the project).